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The HBP-assay is a novel diagnostic method established and also patented by Hansa Medical to assist anticipate serious sepsis in individuals with infectious illness signs and symptoms. Hundreds of countless individuals pass away every year as a result of severe blood poisoning as a complication to infections like urinary system tract infection as well as pneumonia.

These infections can be properly treated with anti-biotics in order to stop progression to extreme sepsis although early prediction of danger people is critical for effective therapy. A seemingly secure contagious illness person can within hours establish serious blood poisoning as materialized with clinical symptoms like body organ failing and circulatory failure. Early forecast as well as therapy of danger clients is essential to stop fatality from extreme blood poisoning.

HBP has actually been examined as a biomarker for forecast of extreme blood poisoning in 2 professional researches in Sweden and the US. The research studies demonstrate that lotion HBP rises in more than 80 percent of the people who create extreme sepsis within 72 hrs. HBP, Heparin Binding Protein, additionally called Azurocidin, lives in particular immune cells called neutrophils. HBP is a multifunctional inflammatory conciliator and also can be launched from neutrophils in the visibility of bacteria.

Commercial growth of HBP-assay

Hansa Medical and Axis-Shield Diagnostics Limited authorized a collective contract in 2009 for the commercialization of the HBP-assay. Axis-Shield is in charge of all professional trials and also further developments of the assay and Hansa Medical brings particular legal rights to royalties from Axis-Shield derived from sales of the HBP-assay along with milestones repayments and minimum aristocracies.

Axis-Shield is establishing the HBP testing market worldwide and is functioning to bring in significant international IVD players as potential sublicensees. In order to further reinforce the professional legitimacy of the HBP-assay, Axis-Shield is presently working with added clinical trials in the US, Europe and China. In addition, Axis-Shield is also developing different versions of the HBP-assay for boosted regular medical applicability.


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