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EndoS, Endoglycosidase of Streptococcus Pyogenes, is an enzyme that customizes the glycosylation structure on IgG-antibodies. EndoS has an unique ability to customize the glycosylation of IgG-antibodies as described by both Collin et al. as well as Scanlan et al. in the March problem of PNAS in 2008.

Modifying the glycosylation on IgG-antibodies is an extreme study area and also Hansa Medical deals with these product applications in collaboration with Assistant Teacher Mattias Collin at Lund College as well as Professor Rikard Holmdahl at Karolinska Institute. Hansa Medical has actually patented both the therapeutic use EndoS as well as the application of EndoS as a glycosylation device. The latter applications are being examined under a different name: TAME, Healing Antibodies Customized by EndoS


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