EndoS – glycosylation in autoimmunity

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EndoS (Endoglycosidase of Streptococcus Pyogenes) is an enzyme with unique capabilities to change the glycosylation framework on immunoglobulin. The EndoS enzyme has the potential to deal with autoimmune conditions and other inflammatory problems.

Alteration of glycosylation on immunoglobulin is an intense study area and also Hansa Medical seek item applications through a collaboration with Teacher Mattias Collin at Lund University and also Teacher Rikard Holmdahl at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

Hansa Medical has actually patented both the restorative use EndoS and also its application as a glycosylation device. The last applications are being explored under a different name: TAME, Restorative Antibodies Customized by EndoS.

Research Allies

Teacher Rikard Holmdahl, Medical Swelling Study unit at the Karolinska Institute, works together with Hansa Medical exploring unique healing possibilities of both IdeS as well as EndoS

Associate Teacher Mattias Collin, Department of Infection Condition at Lund University, collaborates with Hansa Medical on encouraging restorative applications of the IgG-modifying enzyme EndoS.

Researching EndoS.

EndoS is an enzyme in its preclinical discovery stage, currently examined for restorative applications within:

Autoimmune hemolysis (autoimmune damage of red cell).
Systemic lupus (a systemic autoimmune illness affecting different parts of the body).
Glomerulonephritis (autoimmunity impacting numerous parts of the kidney).


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