Research Partners

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Professor Lars Björck works with Hansa Medical via a considerable research agreement which, depending upon the task worried, includes a big proportion of his research study group in the Division of Infection Disease at Lund College.

Teacher Henrik Ekberg is head of transplant surgery at Malmö Teaching hospital and he is today Hansa Medicals crucial scientific partner.
Teacher Rikard Holmdahl at the Medical Swelling Study device at Karolinska Institute, works together with Hansa Medical around unique restorative possibilities of IdeS and EndoS

Teacher Heiko Herwald at the Department of Infection Illness at Lund University, is Hansa Medical’s blood poisoning professional and the cooperation is concentrated on the severe blood poisoning analysis assay HMD-301. Professor Herwald additionally investigate novel therapy strategies on blood poisoning as well as carefully related conditions.

Affiliate Teacher Mattias Collin at the Department of Infection Disease at Lund University teams up with Hansa Medical around appealing therapeutic applications of the IgG-modifying enzyme EndoS.


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